Vehicle tire pressure using an Arduino

I am working on a project which consists of knowing the tire pressure of a real vehicle while it is driving, I want to use either TPMS that I will connect them to an Arduino or else in some other way that must be also with the 'arduino.
thank you for giving me ideas or proposals.

Where are you stuck ?
Have you bought a TPMS sensor/transmitter ?
What frequency does the TPMS use ?

i want to know which i should use as pressure sensors? especially since my sensors must be communicated to the Arduino so that I can use my pressure measurements

I think that you have to look at this the other way round. What type of sensors do commercial TPM systems use and are there communication systems compatible with the Arduino ?

Take a look at Tyre Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System - #5 by system

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I am going to use bluetooth pressure sensors, do you think I can communicate them with the Arduino board through a bluetooth module?

It looks like yYou can communicate with them using Bluetooth and an Arduino but you may need a separate Bluetooth module for each one

I have no experience of connecting to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time using an Arduino

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I think you will need an Arduino capable of Bluetooth. Probably Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Choices are:

Arduino Nano 33 BLE,
Nano 33 BLE Sense,
NANO 33 IoT,
Uno WiFi Rev 2,
MKR WiFi 1010.

Or you could use an Arduino Compatible that supports Bluetooth, like the ESP32.

Have you considered reading the vehicle CAN bus?

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