Velleman K8064 lamp dimming control w range sensor


I am trying to dim control of AC incandescent lamp using Velleman K8064, and dimming value will be sent from PING range sensor thru arduino.
Is it okay to dim control from radical change of range sensor since PING sensor is very directional. vale change will not subtle.
I want the dimming looks subtle, and not fire hazard.

should I add a capacitor before goes to Velleman K8064, or it can be solved from Arduino code?

how do you think?

I haven't tried yet,

it looks working from these video.

well. it seems risky for assigning each value to each dimming step.
I think it is better to set only on and off for dimming value.


I was trying to make dimmer value increase/decrease depends on each distance from the sensor.. but the sensor is too directional, and worrying about radically changing resistance value from the sensor.. must be fire hazard without proper electronic circuits.