ventilator using ambu kits help needed with code

I need some help if u can I need to write code to make this ventilators work and am 3d printing prototypes at the moment
I need to make the screen work so I can calibrate the unit
I need to calibrate timing ,volume and pressure this can be done by the length of lead screw speed of the winding and timing between breaths if you can help or any one else that would be great as want to make portable 12 volt systems helping people that can’t get to hospitals thanks again ross @ Devon3dp
no not really just trying to help save lives any ways i can i am a free lance design engineer i used to be a professional lifeguard and have done my advanced first aid and resuscitation i have a few abu kits and wanted to adapt them to help in all this confusion …i have prototype ready to go but would take me a while to write the code …as prevciously have used marlin firmware for my printers …i just thought maybe you guys could help get this unit working as you know the code off by heart …anyways i do thank you for your reply …hope to hear from you Rossv @devon3dp

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Dear Ross,

I can help with the timing. "timing between breaths"

I have posted my Arduino code which can switch on and off two relays on exact defined time intervals. (We can increase the number of relays if you want for other timing needs.

Advantage in my program is you can change the required timing with in seconds to any predefined values by entering a code ( ex: *4567)

If you are interested my code it is posted under Covid-19 Projects > Help needed for ventilator project