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Liked how it used to change colour while it took place. Is this the right place for this comment?

This is a good place to start. The forum is the perfect place to ask questions and to have discussions about Arduino IDE 2.x. However, the Arduino developers do not read every post on the forum. When it comes time to bring bug reports or feature requests to the attention of the developers, this must be done by submitting an issue to the tracker on GitHub:

So you're welcome to submit bug reports or feature requests directly to GitHub. Before doing that, please do a quick search of the issue tracker to make sure there isn't already an issue for the thing you are planning to report. We already have a pretty good list of known bugs and missing features.

I already did a search for the important missing feature you have pointed out, so you are welcome to go ahead and open an issue report for this right away if you like.

But it's perfectly fine to post bug reports or feature requests to the forum first. That will give the Arduino forum community the opportunity to discuss them and this might end up finding the solutions to bugs right away or else refining the report before it reaches the developers, allowing them to be more efficient in their investigations.

And there it is!

Thank you @stormingmoose

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