Version 1.6.2 in Sublime Text

Hey there !

Today I updated my Arduino IDE to 1.6.2. Unfortunately it doesn't work with Sublime Text anymore.

I'm using the Stino ( It runs perfectly with Sublime Text 3 and the 1.6.1 IDE.

The error message from Sublime says, that I have to choose a board, and the board manager in Sublime doesn't recognize any available board from the list (is it possible, that Arduino changed the directory to the board list?)

If anybody knows a solution: Please help :)

Regards, deloarts!

Got the same problem with 1.6.2 und Stino. Therefore some other issues like come up like: can find /bin/sh avr-g++ ...

It looks like that 1.6.2 changes a lot in dir system. I rolled back to 1.6.1 and it will work again perfect with Stino (Sublime Text plugin)

Thank you very much !

I'm rolling back to 1.6.1, because i NEED Sublime (it's just so much better)

Same problem with embedXcode, I keep 1.6.1.

On Mac OS, most of the folders under the hardware folder have migrated to a hidden directory, except for the ATmega-based boards.

Same problem
thanks for this solution