Version 2.3 vs. v3 of the Seeeduino Stalker

Steve Hicks posted in a comment on some details about the new and the old version of the Seeeduino Stalke. You find the official information for the board's v2.3 under and the new v3 under

I thought the v3 is an improvement but I read in the comment nearly only downsides: No temperature compensation in the RTC ("good" DS3231 in the old version, "bad" DS1337 in the new). And some would report "5 times more power in sleep mode than the previous boards"!!

This would be really a huge downside for my project--a bee hive monitoring solution!

Can someone pick up this (or other) point of criticism. Is the "bad" DS1337 much more un-precise than the DS3231 especially with a huge temperature difference. In case this is so, I do really not understand Seeed! It's a tool especially for outside data logging, why was it made worse by an update??!

It's the same with power consumption. Did you see much differences between v2.3 and v3?

For the power issue I found this posting now:

There is also a hardware bug / wrong routing on the PCB of v3 in case you want to switch from hardware serial to soft serial, see

I found no information about the RTC issue till now, but what Steve writes in the linked posting sounds reasonable.

So I think the v3 is a big downgrad compared with the older version 2.3!!

Seed soled the v3 with 70% off some weeks ago at here company anniversary. I was surprised about that and I thought about a sellout and hesitated but the nickel nurser won in the end and I ordered a bunch of them.

At the MakerFaire--I did not know the reported issues at this time--I talked to the Seed staff and asked about a reason why the Seeeduino Stalke got such a high discount and I asked about any problems. But Seed said all ok, only a great buying opportunity.

Now I know it better! From my point of view this product should not be selled any more or only with explicit hints about this problems! I'm really disapointed about this unfrank company policy! Atm it is again advertised with 30% of but without any hint to the problems and known bugs!!