Version18 dosen't seem to work with Windows7

I was so happy to hear version 18 was out. I installed it to a new windows7 install and I get a lot of garbage in the file. It doesn't seem to be compatible with windows7. Any ideas, let me know.


How bout compatibility mode? ::)

It works fine on my Win7 Home Premium 32 Bit. What's the error you're getting?

I am using 64 bit. No error messages just garbage in the gui

I will try compatibility mode. Thanks.

That did not work either. It must be windows7Ultimate64bit.

I'got windows 7 ultimate x64 and its working perfectly

Really, I just don't understand this.

I'm also running on Win 7 Ultimate x64 without any issues.

Win 7 x64 here without problems.

Maybe I have some bad memory or a program on this that conflicts. Except, I don't have many programs, it is a fresh install. I did move everything to an older computer and it works great on it. So, it is not as if I have to have it working here.

I get a lot of garbage in the file.

Would you mind explaining this statement? Which file? What kind of garbage?

When I open ANY pde file, I get all kinds of ascii characters and some blank spaces in between the statements.

It is not a big issue any more because I transfered all of the stuff to a previously older computer. It is something about my sytsem. It is a 9300 quad core Intel or AMD, I forget. It has 6 gigs of OCZ ram. and Windows7Ultimate.

PDE files are just text files, so have you tried opening the PDE files in a text editor on the Windows 7 machine?

If they're also messed up in a text editor, then something must have corrupted them. (Maybe the upgrade, or data migration program, etc...) If they appear fine in a text editor, then the problem is specific to the Arduino IDE.

nope. they look fine in the text editor, only when they are imported into the gui do they change.

Were they saved with an older version of the IDE? I can't imagine why, but maybe something was changed recently, making them show up strangely..

I found that 17 did not work at all for me and had a lot of bugs. So, I went back to 16 which worked beautifully. So, I saved them with 16 then imported them back into 18. That is when I get the garbage. But, not on an earlier made machine. Weird.