Vertical 1284p

I designed a ATmega1284p board with a vertical format. Saves space on a breadboard.
For details see:

If a half dozen people express an interest I’ll order some printed circuit boards.


Vertical 1284p_small.JPG

Looks nice. I don't find myself prototyping much - just going from design to final project stage.
Boards are $14.90 for ten of 5cm x 10cm, ~$8 for shipping. Looks like it would fit. Order a set up, put 'em up for sale. Be proactive.

You only bring out 25 pins - doesn't seem like enough.
I can't access from here - can you post/attach a schematic here?
There are 32 IO, +5, Gnd.
I could see if you had Rx, Tx, DTR (Reset) on what looks like an FTDI header, then maybe just 30 IO + power, Gnd broken out.
Or maybe a header to bring the others out across to the other side of the protoboard, or flying leads to connect to other chips or something.

I can’t access from here - can you post/attach a schematic here?

The board was designed to replace an old MC68HC11 board that had 25 pins. It’s explained on my webpage.

Vertical 1284 V3.pdf (21.7 KB)

Great minds really do think alike.

See reply #4: