Vertically mountable Arduino compatible board

A couple days ago I came up with a “new” design for an Arduino-compatible board: one that breaks out all the pins of Arduino UNO in a single row (like a SIL package) therefore making it possible to Vertically attach this Arduino to a breadboard (or another PCB). See the project page here.
I even got featured on the ATMEL official blog for that! (read here).

Turns out that my “new” concept was not so new: after I got it featured on Hackaday (read it here) I was presented to an already-available product just like mine (see it here) , and also found a thread on this very forum about a similar product: .

So here is the question: assuming that this board gets manufactured, what would you guys suggest me to improve/change on it? Do you think there is a market (even “underground” like Tindie) for the product?


I think DIP would be interesting, like this: The board can be half the length and use both sides of the breadboard. You could design a Pro Mini with 2 rows of through holes at 0.1" apart on one edge of the board, instead of single rows on opposite sides of the board as on the traditional Pro Mini.