VERY basic question: uploading libraries

Hi there;

I'm new to Arduino and microcontrollers - I'm working with Wave Shield and have to import the AV_Wave Library in order to use it with Arduino (Duemilanove).

The website instructs: "To add your own library, create a new directory in the libraries directory with the name of your library."

I can't find any Libraries Directory...despite searching my entire hd - where is it located on mac osx?

By default, on macs, the Libraries directory does not exist. You need to create it. There have been many threads lately on libraries on mac. A little searching will get you an answer. I don’t have a mac, or I’d tell you where to put it.

Right click on the arduino icon, and click “show package contents”. I believe the libraries directory is straightforward to find, just inside the contents folder that is in the window that appeared.