Very beginner advice on a project? Multiple Hall effect sensors.

I'm going to try to cram as much info as possible.

The project concept is simply the detection of 5 magnets at the same time, that condition throwing a relay to power another device. I am fairly certain that I can accomplish this as I have already prototyped the detection of one magnet. Most Hall effect sketches use pin 2
(Digital interrupt) but since there are 5 sensors, I tested replacing the push button(pulled low) Sketch with one sensor pulled high.

My problem is coding the rest of it. I want the device to be single button operation.
On/Off function and a reset.

I love to tinker and the project build is all me. But since it's for a Halloween party and I have limited time, I believe I'm going to need some help and guidance. A general picture to start with. Advice on what tutorials to check out or what forum articles to read. Any help at all really. Thanks in advance.

Since you are looking for simultaneous closure of all five Hall sensors, have you thought about making a 5 input AND gate using 5 diodes and a resistor? Each Hall Sensor would feed into an input of the gate and use the gate output to trigger the interrupt.

I want to be able to improve/modify/tweak and otherwise tinker with it when it's all said and done. I would like to consider using audio in the future, possibly a small LCD. I would prefer it remain battery powered, with a simple single button operation for now. Hold for 3 seconds to turn on hold for 5 to turn off. I would like to have a programming mode where I can change the number of inputs that are read, or figure out a way to auto detect the connection of the sensors.

I'm slowly working on it. Last night I prototyped the first sensor. I swapped the sensor for the switch in the sample button push sketch and it worked fine. The switch was pulled low in the example but I had to pull the 3144 up and swap the high/low in the conditional circuit. But basically I'm using digitalRead and treating it like logic. This evening I added a second sensor and it works fine. I'll post the sketch tomorrow when I find the time.

Thank you however for the suggestion. I thought about keeping it real basic, but mostly I have several unos sitting around doing nothing and it seemed like a good opportunity to start learning to code some more