Very broken unfortunately, if you are typing with IME

If you are not using a western language with characters mapped to your keyboard, you are probably using an IME. Here is some light reading:

While using IME, the autosave feature of the forum breaks the inputs. So if I were to use IME to enter some Chinese responses on the international sub-forum, I would be constantly be disrupted by the autosave. Almost 50% of my input gets completely destroyed so I have to very quickly type it again, sometimes just to see all of that destroyed by autosave. The autosave is very haphazard by the way so I can time myself to avoid it. I could type up two characters in IME and wait so long and the autosave would not engage. But then if I try to type a half sentence, it gets activated and my half sentence is gone.

So if we are expanding the forum, adding more international subforums, then this issue needs to be dealt with, maybe with a check box to disable autosave nonsense. I always wonder if it really helps me. I blame autosave when my cursor is forced to the top left occasionally, not using an IME.