very disturbing...

first time i read about the surinam toad, and how they give birth, i got a serious case of the heeby-jeebies. try a google search if you have a strong stomach. :wink: :o

and to top it off, i heard about a cheese called casu marzu. look it up, there are maggots in the middle, and they are supposed to be there, and are even eaten. :fearful: and get this, if the maggots are dead, THAT is when the cheese has gone bad!


As you already thought that stuff was disturbing why did you think we would like it?



Travis, way too much spare time on your hands mate... :o

The toads back looks like "a pus-filled irregular honeycomb" - nice. Good job I don't suffer from Trypophobia.

Unfortunately you got me browsing and I ended up looking at Mangoworms vs Jiggers vs Bot Flies they are all really, really disgusting.