very large scale ws2811; protecting leds

hello, currently I have 1500 ws2811 leds installed. They are working great, but I want to protect my investment.

Currently they are powered off a single 100amp 12v server power supply. From there, I have power distributed equally along the length of the strips. The strips have zinner diodes to drop down to 5v for the ic's.

For my controller I have 330ohm resistors installed in series on data and clock pins, but I am wondering if I need a capacitor between vcc and ground? if so, what capacity do you recommend? Or is it not needed?


Is there a 0.1uF cap between VCC & Gnd of every ws2811? That's where you need them.

yes, they are built into the strip.

It doesn't do any harm in having a 1000uF across the supply, or 470uF at each power feed in point.

That is a lot of power the Zeners are burning.