Very new, looking for project examples using only Mega2560 kit parts

Hello, I tried searching for this. We found the Mega2560 Project examples area but it seems they all require more parts that we don't have.

We are brand new and have the Mega2560 Starter Kit. Is there somewhere a list of projects we can try using the parts in the kit we have?


There’s a million kits. Can you link to the one you have, or enumerate the parts?

The facts that you have a starter kit with a Mega in it but no instructions, probably says it all. It is rather unlikely that there is anything you can do with the starter kit that cannot also be done with a Uno. There has to be a swag of Uno projects you can find. A Mega is really just a Uno with more of the same. The various examples included in the IDE cover all that flashing LED, LCDs, and motor stuff. Another place to look is Freetronics. They have a pretty comprehensive series of tutorials.