Very new to Arduino, Sparkfun Alphanumberic Question

I have a Sparkfun alphanumeric driver breakout board, I can’t get it display the letter “A” for example, all I get is all segments on. I’m working on a gear position indicator and only need to display one of 7 different characters.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

/* Alpha-Numeric Display Driver
Displays must be powered with at least ~6V.
In my tests, the Arduino is powered at 9V and the display is powered by the Arduino’s Vin pin.
//#define FLIPDISPLAY // Comment this out if you want the characters flipped 180 degrees

#include <AlphaNumeric_Driver.h> // Include AlphaNumeric Display Driver Library
#define NUMBER_OF_DISPLAYS 1 // This value is currently only used by the library for the clear() command.

// --------- Pin Definitions -----------
int SDIpin = 11;
int CLKpin = 13;
int LEpin = 10;
int OEpin = 9;
// -------------------------------------

alphaNumeric myDisplay(SDIpin, CLKpin, LEpin, OEpin, 1); // Create an instance of Alpha Numeric Displays

void setup()

void loop()
// --------------------------
// Begin Serial Print Example
// --------------------------



Are you talking about this board : ?

If yes, you forgot to give us a link about the board you are trying to make it work.

Sorry about that, in future posts I will include a link to the product.

And yes that is the board in question.


You know that is commented out?