very new to arduino

Hello I am just wondering what would be needed to complete the following.

I need an arduino to output 12v through the green / purple wires.

The up down button will be virtual button on a touch screen. So basically I just need 2 12v outputs from arduino. When pressing up on screen it supplies 12v to green. When pressing down it supplies 12v to purple. Should be fairly simple.

Correct me if I am wrong.

So aside from the main arduino (such as uno), and coding what would I need to output 12v signals?



Have you considered a relay board?

Else some resistors, transistors or fets and flyback diodes.

dugie33: I need an arduino to output 12v through the green / purple wires.

Did you mean green and blue wires?

You need a couple of ordinary npn transistors such as bc337, a couple of series resistors for the transistor bases eg. 4K7, and a couple of flyback diodes eg. 1n4001.

You would also need to rewire those relays slightly, so that the transistors can go between the coils and ground. If you can't do that, there is an alternative solution, but itsa little more complicated, requiring two more transistors, this time PNP.

I am assuming that this whole system is low voltage DC? Not mains AC.