Very new to the Maxuino thing

Hi there guys, I'm very new to the arduino/maxuino thing but have been using Max/MSP for a few years now.

I'm trying to get an accurate temperature sensor reading into Max/MSP for mapping to parameters.

I have used this temperature sensor setup ( to get a good reading into the Arduino editor previously but am now trying to get the same level of accuracy in Maxuino.

I have installed everything and uploaded standard firmata onto the board for use in Maxuino and then when pressing (On) on Analog In 0 in the Maxuino GUI I do get a reading but one that only seems to vary from 0.14 to 0.15 when going from ambient to body temperature. What can I do to get the same level of accuracy as in the Arduino editor in Max?

Apologies if this is a very straightforward task.

my advice is to not use maxuino and have use one of the simple communication codes that comes with the arduino software if you are only using 1 analog input (i think there is a code that shuttles 3 analog inputs to max, the max patch is at bottom of code).