Very noob beginner project- Environment simulation board-

-Im very new at this so please excuse the lack of jargon-
Im looking into starting up a project and had an idea to build an environment simulator of Madagascar. The arduino board will have several different LEDs for early morning sun, mid day sun, and sunset, as well as a switch that can be activated remotely (by this i mean i want to be able to send the command over the internet) that will turn on the water pump for ‘rain’.

The code I will start to write will be built so that in the future, If I pull temp, humidity, and overcast ratio from or something via script and use those values to adjust my environment simulator, I could.

I am looking for hints or advice on where to start in this project or perhaps if you know of any pre-built boards that is can user or modify?

Any help is much appreciated!

Start with the LED, switch and Ethernet/WiFi examples. Play around with them until you completely understand them. When you're comfortable in your understanding with how to receive networks commands, control LED and read a switch start slowly integrating those into your main project.

This is a great idea!! Please keep me posted as I want to do this project also!