very odd night

the power entrance cable just fell off the house… and we still have power through it. must be good insulation against the snow.


Hi, Many years ago, day before Christmas, 5:30pm, decided to charge up the step daughters Christmas present. Plugged the charger into the socket, switched ON and a bang from outside lounge window and no power.

Checked fuse box and all was well, next door had power, so rang power utility. Contractor arrived in 20mins, good considering time if year, checked fuse on the house, where the line comes in, and it had blown. Still don't know why, plugged charger back in, prayed and switched ON, no problems.

Because they could not find a fault to cause the fuse to blow, the replacement was free.

What do they say ".... happens." Tom.... :)


I'm surprised they put fuses on the load side of the utility transformer.

Here, the only fuse is the main breaker inside the panel, and it has to be rated to survive the fault current that would cause the line side of the utility transformer to trip, which for residential is typically 22000 amperes.... most likely your main would trip (or the fault would clear itself by ejecting molten metal during the arc) before it would trip...

Hi, Yes, we have the main house distribution box, with its meter and circuit breakers/fuses, and at the physical connection of the wire to the house their is another fuse. The distribution box CB does trip first.

Not sure about under ground mains feed, probably a fuse at the junction box out in the street.

Tom.. :)

How big is the generator?