Very simple servo basic setup not working as intended.

So I just received an arduino yesterday and have been playing around with it.
I have been trying to hook up a simple servo and its doing something odd.

Here is the code I am using:

#include <Servo.h>  // servo library

Servo servo1;  // servo control object

void setup()


void loop()
  servo1.write(90);    // Tell servo to go to 90 degrees

  delay(1000);         // Pause to get it time to move

  servo1.write(180);   // Tell servo to go to 180 degrees

  delay(1000);         // Pause to get it time to move

  servo1.write(0);     // Tell servo to go to 0 degrees

  delay(1000);         // Pause to get it time to move

Its supposed to go to half it’s distance, then full, then back to 0.

Instead of doing what I wrote in the code, the servo slowly moves forward maybe a millimeter every second until it hits the end, where it can’t go any farther. All the while, my computer constantly keeps making the sound it does when a usb device is connected every second in sync with the motor. I have not had any other issues with my simple LED circuits I made yesterday.
The servo has the brown wire going to GRD, the red to the 5V and the white to the 9 pin on the arduino.

Any idea of what could be going wrong?

Always power motors and servos from a power supply, possibly separate, and never from the 5V terminal on the Arduino. If using a separate power supply (4 AA batteries are OK) be sure to connect all the grounds together.

Powering the servo from the arduino is probably causing the arduino to repeatedly reset. Below is the basic way to power the servo.