Very simple windows based serial viewer for delimited data.

Hello everyone,

I have often found the standard Arduino serial viewer to be frustrating. Quite often I will be sending a stream of data over the serial port for various purposes such as de-bugging or minitoring. If these values change quite a lot it can be a real pain watching the numbers stream up the screen, so I decided to have a crack at writing some simple serial software in c#. I have never written an app from scratch before so please be paitent.

The premis is simple. If you output the data from your Arduino delimited by, say, a comma and line by line then the serial viewer will display those delimited values in an easier to read format.
Just add a couple of fields (time and loops, in my screen shot) and set the delimiter. Connect to the Arduino then click Run.

Here is the program. Please let me know what you think.


The Arduino is an open-source platform. You should, in that context, share your source, not just the executable.

The logical next step is to be able to plot the data, not just see how the values change. Without the source code, no one else can help with adding that option/feature.

But, the screenshot looks nice.

Of course. You are quite right. The source code is here:

can you make an example on how to write the code on the arduino? for it to besent to your program and get splittet im a still a little noob at this


Send each value with Serial.print(<your value here>); followed by sending a comma as a delimiter with Serial.print(",");
When you have sent all the values you want to send during a loop then finish by sending a new line character with Serial.println();

The following should work

int loop = 0;

void setup()
    Serial.begin(9600); //start the serial connection

void loop()
    Serial.print(millis()); //output the time in milliseconds since boot
    Serial.print(",");        //output a comma as a delimiter
    Serial.println(loop);    //output the value of 'loop'
    loop++;    //increment the value of 'loop'

I hope that helps

yes it does, very cool............


yes it does, very cool............

How? The code doesn't even compile. You can't have variables and functions with the same name.