Very thin, flexible hook-up wire?

By the time I have an arduino in a box, with an LCD hooked up, and probably some switches and an IC, there’s wires running everywhere. When I have a small box the wires really start to take up room, especially when they are stiff and don’t want to fold up into the available space.

All the hook-up wire I can find is too fat and stiff for these micro-power applications…the smallest Fry’s has is 26ga and they have some 30ga wire wrap wire, which is pretty thin but it’s expensive and not really flexible. I can find really small guage magnet wire, but it’s a pain because of the coating. I’m need wire more like RC servo lead wire, although I don’t want to butcher tons of RC servos to get the wire. The wires you get from peeling ribbon cables are decent but I don’t have a lot of ribbon cables to butcher either.