VEX 393 Motors compatible with Arduino CNC Shield?

So I'm planning on building a CNC machine out of VEX robotics parts, so that my robotics team can laser cut plexiglass. We have all the parts minus the Arduino stuff, so it's just easier not to have to buy new motors. I know the 393 motors with the Motor controller attached can be used with the standard Arduino Uno as a PWM motor, but it only has three wires. Can I use it with the four wire inputs on the CNC Shield?

the CNC stuff 4 wire is for bipolar stepper motors so if you want to do laser engraving accurately you need an xy plotter that uses stepper motors. To save time and headache look at
all you need to do is add a solid state laser diode also available there. Plexiglass going to need a few watts there to cut. Sounds like Vex are Servo motors or plain dc.