VEX Joystick with Four Motors and Arduino Mega 2560 help please

Hi! I started a project combining VEX controller and motors with an arduino so I can drive a bot and possibly add sensors. I'm pretty new with arduino and its code so I really just need general advice/help.

Some specific questions:

How to physically connect the joystick wirelessly to arduino? (I have two VEXnet USBs)

Thoughts on the code? (I know nothing on how to code the controller values)


I am using the vex motors with the motor controllers (PWM wires so instead of 2 wire motor now 3 wire)

Yeah that's about all I know...

Thank you!!

You probably need to abandon any notion of connecting to the arduino via a USB connection.

Yeah I figured that part out and found a much better way that will hopefully work. I'm planning on using the old VEX remote and receiver (this). I cut the connector off one end of the receiver and attached the wires to the arduino (Red = GND, Yellow = 5V, Green = signal, and white wasn't used). Now I have the receiver connected, but need to code everything else. Which I am slowly trying to figure out. The main issue I have is figuring out the joystick control output code.

Now I will probably use 12v dc motors because the scale of the robot we are building requires a more powerful motor.

I wrote this code with part help from this site and part on my own. Not sure what the stuff the person from the site wrote is, but I’m trying it now to see what happens.

Arduino_VEX_RC_2.0.ino (2.03 KB)