VEX Motor Programming?

I just got an arduino mega today! XD I got it as replacement for the Vex microcontroller, since I thought it would help me learn a little more about circuits.

So I was tinkering with various sketches, and I decided to try hooking up my Vex motors.

Only problem is, I have no idea how! :astonished: So these motors have a 5v lead, a ground lead, and a signal lead. Where would I plug in the signal lead and how would I program it? I found some really complex stuff in the playground, but is there an easier way?


They sound like servos - have you tried the servo library?

I saw something about that in the playground. That's what I thought was complicated. How does it work? Do you have to download it?


No, the servo library is part of the standard installation. It isn't at all complicated, but check that these Vex thingies really are "servos"

Cool, so I can just take a look at the examples and code it! Thanks so much!

Yes, I'm absolutely sure they're servos. They're motors, but they work just like servos.

Thanks again, -Dylan