VEXTA Drive & step motor not functioning

Hi everyone,

First of all I haven’t learned of how to deal with motors and boards, But I used to play around with if trying to fix and sort things here and there.

The thing is I got this stepper motor that was functioning great almost same as this :

2-Phase VEXTA 1.8 degree and uses 4DC V with 6-wires.

This one was used to only rotate whenever I power it up . After a while I powered it up and I got a very bad smell comes out of the device ( burn ). And the motor has stopped.

After digging in and try troubleshooting I found that the motor is being delivered by something called ( VEXTA Drive ) .Here is the driver:

I don’t use Arduino or anything of that sort. I just bought them for practice purposes only.

What I have noticed that :
1-whenever I gradually increase voltage through diver up to 24DC V the motor is not rotating at all , instead it gets hot.

2-It has a working LED that indicates power of 24DC V has reached and as far as I know the driver must step that voltage down to whatsoever so the motor can run freely.

3-the VEXTA Driver seems to be working fine , but no power is delivered to the motor.

4-i have tested the VEXTA Motor output by connecting a LED and rotating the shaft CW and CCW and it was perfect. But when there is voltage is reaching the shaft get stuck and rather not to move.

Simple Question what am I doing wrong?

I have no idea what you are doing wrong .

To find out I would have to find the data sheet for this device and study it to see how it works , then work out how to try using it .
That is what you need to do !

Ok I got one question.

Does the driver need certain frequency to drive the step motor ?
If it does , How could I achieve that ?

Hi, @alian2plus
Welcome to the forum.

Can you post pictures of the other side of the driver board and the motor and its name plate.

How is your motor connected to the driver and what have you got controlling the driver.
Please post a circuit diagram.

Without a controller that driver will do nothing except possibly drive current into motor windings but not in a controlled way.

Does the driver have a current limit setting?
Can you please post a link to motor specs.

Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee::australia:

Hey @TomGeorge and thank you.

I will submit an update of all your requirements by tomorrow .

Have a good day.

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