Veyron 24 Channel Servo Controller with arduino

hei guys i have a problem here using Veyron 24 Channel Servo Controller with arduino.

Previously i’m using it with the GUI and it works well, but when i’m using it with arduino the servo not move at all.
I follow all the instruction from here . I’m using the sample code and the schematic from there.

void setup() {
Serial.begin(115200);//Set the baudrate to 115200 A:1 B:1
delay(100);//wait for baudrate setting finished

void loop() {
Serial.print("#5 P750");// Channel 5 will move to 750us within 500ms
delay(5); //wait for first comand transmission done, if you send
// a long command, you'd better extend it
Serial.print("\r"); // send Carriage Return <CR>
delay(1000); //wait for servo go to the set position
Serial.print("#5 P2200");// Channel 5 will move to 2200us within 500ms

Note: i think the driver already receive the data because the rx2 led at the driver is blinking

Please help :confused: