vfd help

Ok so I am kind of "dumb" when it comes to electronics, but I need to be able to control a motor via a vfd(FM50-101-C id the mode I will be using) I need the there to be several flow functions, including ramping up and down(adjustable rpm and time/rate of increase and decrease of rpm) pulse mode where I can set both the rmp and time between pulses, and a "cool down" mode where I can put it into this "cool down mode" and it will go into this reduced rpm mode for X amount of time then return to whatever mode it was previously in and the finall setting is a "night timer" where it wil go to a reduced rpm set by me from X time to y time then return to previous mode.

hope this makes sence when you read it since it does to me ;D

hope this makes sence when you read it

No not a lot of sense :(

It would be good if you post a link to what you want to use. Is this the device? http://www.twmi.com/products/controls/drives/FM50_OPEN_CHASSIS/FM50-101-C

Next it would be good to know what you want to know. A vague requirements of what you want the motor to do is not any request for help. Do you want someone to do the project for you? If so you are at the wrong place. On this board we offer specific help we do not do peoples projects for them. So if you have any specific questions we will be willing to try and answer them but what you have posted so far is of little use.