vga camera

i should really apreciate it if someone could help me.
i’m pretty new with the arduino uno.
what’s the best way to learn to work with it?
i want to try something from but i bought a vga camera and not a jpeg camera :confused:

camera.ino (9.65 KB)

what's the best way to learn to work with it?

That depends on what "it" is. Most boys know how to work with "it" by age 10.

i want to try something from but i bought a vga camera and not a jpeg camera :/

I hope that the store has a good return policy.


It is obvious that you posted on the forum without having done the slightest bit of additional reading or research on your topic.

That is not a great start in life, and with your attitude, you can expect many more responses like Paul's.

Perhaps english isn’t your first language - I can see that concession.

maybe you feel special but i don’t need a hatecomment when i just ask a question.

I didn’t interpret it as a hateful comment from Paul, rather than a humorous and sarcastic one; you’re going to need to grow a thicker skin if you intend to inhabit the internet for long. Some of us have been here for far longer than you’ve been alive. We’ve seen it all, we’ve done it all - and some of us helped to invent it along the way.

well i’m 17 & i study industrialscience. maybe you have had a bad education on school & from your parents but it’s not because i’m new in arduinostuff that i’m a kid or dumb in your eyes.

Again - Paul’s comment seemed like humor to me, delivered in a sarcastic - or maybe tongue-in-cheek manner. It may be a language difference that has you up-in-arms. If not, though, I do suggest you to practice and learn patience and humor, not to mention a bit of self-deprecation. Remember, life is fun - and none of us will get out of it alive - so laugh while you can!


have a great day & change your attitude

Look within for change…

what's the best way to learn to work with it?

Best thing to do is get an arduino to do some experimenting to learn what the arduino can do. The arduinos like below have become inexpensive if you live in an area where they can be shipped. Don't get upset at certain forums members, they are probably just displaying their sad life life situations for the world to see.

Answering the actual question, the Arduino cannot handle VGA video. And here VGA might mean analog or digital VGA, so we don't have enough information.

delabietje: i'm pretty new with the arduino uno. what's the best way to learn to work with it?

You are going to have to ask a more specific question. I am guessing you didn't write the attached code. So what is your question?

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For a broad question like "what's the best way to learn to work with it?" I suggest you Google some tutorials, or do the tutorials in the IDE. For a beginner, trying to interact with a camera might be trying to do something too complex at first.

The first project you should work on is blinking an LED. You can find the program in the Examples section on the Arduino IDE. It is called Blink. From there, you can experiment around with basic sensors like push buttons, potentiometers, etc. Then you can start working with things like cameras, internet of things, and servos.