VGA on Arduino uno (r3)

Im new to arduino and working on VGA output, i tested one VGA code already but its only the red green and blue lines across the tv, how do i put letters in, and have a black background?

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This is a good one : Gammon Forum : Electronics : Microprocessors : Arduino Uno output to VGA monitor

I keep getting 'timer' has not been declared errors and 'byte' does not name a type

That is not good, but the sketch works.

I used Arduino IDE 1.0.6, downloaded the, selected the Arduino Uno board, and it compiles without problem.
With Arduino IDE 1.5.7, a little changed has to be done to "screenFont.h", by added the word 'const' : const byte screen_font [8] [256] PROGMEM = {

Did you select the Arduino Uno board from the menu ?
When you have error output, you could make a screendump that shows the first error, so we can see in detail what the error is.