VGA On The Arduino With No External Parts Or CPU

My first post here, spent the last couple weeks working on an interesting project that I think you guys will find useful. Generating 32x15 VGA text (limited by SRAM) on the Arduino Uno Rev 3. Interesting solution to a fairly complex problem I think.

Apologies about the click-bait title, I lied, you'll need one external component, an 120 ohm resistor. Level shifting resistors don't count right? Oh and there's a cpu involved in there but it's probably not what you are thinking. Feedback is always welcome!

nice. but i'm old school. Hello, amazon, I would like to order a yuma arduino........

once I get my oscilloscope back together and working I will try your idea out on my EGA monitor so my poor mega doesn't get winded.

Nice. I will be trying this out as a project as soon as I receive some 16U2's that I just ordered.