VGA output: PLL used for clock has jitter

I've made a similar attempt with iMIPI_CLK input.
It is LVDS and I've used a resistive network to set the common level for the differential inputs and
assure a good voltage swing, but no hope to receive a clock from this pin.

OK, I'll try with PEX_PIN33 pin and I'll inform you on results,
thanks again.

remember to configure pin right. I think PEX pins are 3v3 LVTTL.

Yes, already checked for that, it is as you say.


I’ve instantiated another PLL to avoid to switch between clocks.
I’ve used a PCIe breakout board project found on the web,
submitted myself to JLCPCB and mounted in my lab.
You can see the oscillator indicated by an arrow mounted in a “dead bug” way.

The display is very sharp (my photos are worse).
You can see a counter running.

To perform the final check I should see if the on-board 32.768 kHz
oscillator is itsef jittering.
I’ll inform you about.

Thanks everybody for help.

Do you have partnumber of that mini PCIe connector?
How fast was JLCPCB delivery?

Digi-Key 2041119-1.

JLCPCB with DHL-express takes a few days (less than 1 week).

32.768 kHz oscillator jitter: none visible on my scope.