VHN2SP30 logic voltage

I can't find anything in the datasheet that specifies the maximum input voltage for the VHN2SP30, so I'm assuming working with a 5 volt Arduino will work. The only thing I see is the max current on the logic pins INA, ENA, INB, ENB, is 10ma. So if I connect them to my Arduino chip via 1K, that will be a 5ma draw, so I guess that should be fine?

datasheet: http://www.pololu.com/file/0J52/vnh2sp30.pdf

Input low is <1.25V and high is >3.25V, and the inputs are clamped to 6.3V typical. Like anything your logic voltage should not exceed your Vcc which is 4.7V shutdown to 41V absolute max.

So, yeah, what you’re doing is fine :wink: