Viable Method for Prop with Neopixels and Triggered Sound

Hello everyone,

I am designing a 3d printed ray gun prop from Call of Duty Zombies mode. I want to use neopixels for glowing and a speaker for sound effects. I’ve been having trouble finding a system that can do both without a lot of boards. All of the sounds add up to about 9.5 seconds of audio and I want to use 4 different light patterns for things like shooting and out of ammo.

I would love to read anyone’s experience with similar projects. Using a WAV shield is not really an option because there is no room to fit an Uno.


  • Control neopixels.
  • Store and play sound effects.
  • Run on one cell LiPo battery.
  • Be able to charge the prop easily.(accessible USB port

Significant Challenges:

  • Storing and playing sounds.
  • Finding a board that will also control neopixels.
  • Running the whole thing on one LiPo cell.


Does anyone know if using the Feather Adalogger with an amplifier will be able succeed? Does the M0 architecture significantly change the methods for Arduino programming?

All help is greatly appreciated!

You may have to use AVR Studio to program that board. Buy one of those. Get a small $5 amplifier+speaker from Target or 5 Below. Simply put, those cards work great. Throw a few sound files on it, send it some serial data, and it works well. I run the sound output from that card to the amplifier+speaker and you get good sound output. Then you can use something cheap and easy like an Arduino Trinket Pro and have more than enough code space to do whatever you want for the most part.

I've made lightsabers using that sound module and an Arduino Micro (micro has more readily hardware interrupts than the Trinket Pro). I also used it on other props and such to get sound. It's a great little board.