Vibration motor and tinyduino

Hello everyone! Is it possible to connect a vibration motor to tinyduino? and how?

Yes. Google "tinyduino DC motor"

thanks for the answer, i search it on google but without lucky. but i found this: in your opinion with this can i connect a vibration mototr? thanks

Yes, but you will probably need to figure out how to connect a transistor to control the motor.

That shield is nothing more than a way to connect to the tiny connector as there is no other way to use the Tinyduino. To mount other parts, you may need other materials such as "stripboard".

Boy, those things (Tinyduino) are ridiculously expensive for what they are. :astonished:

If you want more sense out of this, you need to tell us the specifications if the vibration motor. Such as a Web link.