Vibration Motor Question- Newbie

Is it possible to use this motor Mini Vibration Electric Toys Motor DC 3V 5200RPM 130 Model with an arduino nano? I am trying to use PWM on pin 3 on the nano, but its not working. I tested the motor with an outside power source and it runs fine. I might be pulling too many milliamps. Not sure how to mitigate that.

The recommended max current from a pin is 20mA (40mA absolute max) is not enough to driver even a small motor. If the motor is only to rotate in one direction (no reversing) a transistor can be used to switch a higher current to the motor with PWM. The transistor needs to be rated to handle the stall current of the motor. If the stall current can’t be found in a data sheet it can be estimated by measuring the motor winding resistance (resistance across the motor power leads). Divide the motor supply voltage by the measured resistance and the result is the stall current (estimated).

A transistor motor driver.


Running any inductive load direct from a logic pin could easily fry that chip or its pin...

You'll need to check you haven't damaged that pin3. Note the diode in that circuit posted above - that
diode is essential whenever driving an inductive load such as relay, solenoid, motor.