Vibration Sensor Selection

Greetings all,

I will first say, excuse me if this is rather elementary but I am a software development by trade with no real exposure to the electrical sensor side. I am creating a project where I want to take the vibration reading of an object, say a bearing, and get the velocity of it, preferably in Inches/Second.

I have bought a vibration sensor here and it gives me a 0-180000 (not sure the upper bound but that is roughl number that I am seeing).

I am not sure if this sensor will provide me the data I need, and I am not sure if I will actually need an accelerometer or combination of sensors to get my project rolling.

Any advice for a newbie would be greatly appreciated.

Who knows what that sensor measures?

People often use accelerometers to measure vibration, but those measure acceleration (in m/s/s), not velocity or position. A vibration is characterized by rapidly varying acceleration of some frequency, and you must keep in mind that an accelerometer has an upper frequency limit, typically a few hundred Hz.

Thanks for the reply.

What I am trying to mimic is the readings you would get from a machine such as: CSI 2140

This analyzer gives vibration readings in inches/Sec and that is my target.

I am not sure if an accelerator will get me what I need but it does list an accelerator in the technical specs. Maybe that is what I will chase down.

Appreciate the patience, just figuring this stuff out.

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If this is what you bought.

Then I'm afraid it only has digital output, HIGH or LOW logic, no vibration quantity output.

How are you getting 180000?

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Yep, you are right as far as the digitalRead, I am getting the numbers higher than 0 and 1 by using the pulseIn, which from my understanding gives amplitude? I could be wrong.

Here is my simple function:

long GetVibrationMeasurement(){
  long measurement = pulseIn (8,HIGH);
  return measurement;

You will find it counts pulses, not their amplitude.

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