Vibration sensor to control phone charging?

I am interested in using an Arduino/ESP8266 to control my phone charging and stop charging at a defined percentage to prolong battery life.

I have an app which vibrates 3 times at whatever charge limit I set, but if I'm not there to stop it, the phone continues charging to 100%.

Theoretically, it ought to be possible to use a vibration sensor and arduino to switch a relay and turn the phone charger off if it detects the correct vibration pattern.

Any ideas on how I should configure the vibration detection ? Ideally it would look for the pattern of 3 distinct vibrations, so the phone charging is not stopped by other notifications.

[Note: Some people think such control is unnecessary, as they change phone every 2 years. Fine, that's your prerogative, but I'd like to get 3~5 years out of my phone and would like to keep the discussion focused on the above request. So please don't tell me why I don't need to do this. Thank you.]

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You could use a microphone module, possibly need to decrease its sensitivity but that would be possible.
An IMU could sense the vibration with its accelerometer.

Its early days for this thread, so others may appear with other ideas.

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My approach is to keep the phone powered from a charger when I am using it, if that's possible. That way the battery isn't being cycled much. When I am not using it I disconnect the charger.

That was my approach. My current phone spent most of it's life near to 100% charge so the battery wasn't cycled much.
Then the battery swelled up and had to be replaced (LG).
My previous phone had a battery swell up (Samsung).
My last work laptop had a battery swell up (Dell).

Considering my results and after reading up on the subject, I'm going to try not to charge it fully in future. The full voltage at 100% charge reduces the battery life. Car makers get around this by not charging the battery to anywhere near 100%. Phone makers seem to prioritize short term performance over long term life.
Although some Samsung tablets do have some kind of option mode which does exactly what I'm trying to do in order to extend battery life.

Anyhow, the decision is made and I'm looking for ideas on how to limit my charging percentage.

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Thanks, I learned something from that, much appreciated. I don't have any help but you have got me thinking about the problem.

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If this were my project I'd probably have a look at how to go about writing an app for my phone (Android in my case). I know tools exist to make this easy but I've never investigated them, but judging from some of the posts I've seen on this forum others have found them easy enough to use. I'd write an app that sends the battery status over USB every second then I'd use an Arduino at the other end of the USB cable to receive the battery status and control the charging.

You might have given me a reason to find out more about writing Android apps, not sure.

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