Victor SPX and CIM Motor via Arduino UNO

I am currently trying to connect my arduino uno with my victor spx and cim motor. My teams project has a 12V supply, hence the incorporation of the Victor spx, and want to run the cim motor by programming an atmega328p with the arduino. We are trying to launch tennis balls off pvc pipes as a prototype dog fetching device. The issue we are having is that after researching we have found that the victor spx might need calibration. Also, we are not aware of how to connect the victor spx pwm (yellow/green) wires to the arduino uno. If anyone could possibly create a schematic connecting these two devices properly, that would help immensely.

CIM Motor: CIM Motor - VEX Robotics

Victor SPX motor controller:

Regarding the code, we have written a couple of lines pertaining the motor controller and a different motor, but we want to know if it could possibly be modified to work with the CIM. Our main concern right now is for all components to work. We are thinking about adjusting the pwm to control the motors speed and have the tennis ball launch at 3, 7, and 11 yards, respectively. A lot of people are talking about using a CAN-BUS but I am not too familiar with it and is it really necessary for this project? Any help is greatly appreciated!

#include <Servo.h> //This comes with the Arduino

int talon_pin = 3;

Servo talon;

/* The 'Servo.h' library allows you to control motors and servos by passing any value between
0 and 180 into the "write" method (talon.write() in this program).
For a motor: 0 is full power in one direction,
180 is full direction in the opposite direction,
90 is stop.
For a servo: 0 is all the way one direction,
180 is all the way in the opposite direction,
90 is the middle.

int talon_max_forward = 180; //this might not actually be forward
int talon_max_reverse = 00; //this might not actually be reverse
int talon_stop = 90; //this is definitely stop (if the Talon is calibrated right)

void setup() {
talon.attach(talon_pin); //This tells the arduino to control this pin like it's a servo/motor

void loop() {
talon.write(talon_max_forward); //full power one way
delay(2000); //wait 2 seconds
talon.write(talon_stop); //full power the other way
delay(2000); //wait 2 seconds
talon.write(talon_max_reverse); //full power one way
delay(2000); //wait 2 seconds
talon.write(talon_stop); //full power the other way
delay(2000); //wait 2 seconds