Video encoding decoding

i just want a wireless video transfer between the camera module OV7670 and a TFT LCD display. Just forget the processors used at both sides. My configuration with the camera is QCIF Format (176 x 144) with either RGB565 or YUV 4:2:2 pixel format. My doubt is, is it possible that i can transfer the output from camera directly to the receiver side and display the video in LCD or is there any requirement for video encoding and decoding.? I am new to camera module and video handling... Need your help friends...


Since it's unlikely that the LCD would accept a format that exactly matches what the camera module produces, you should expect to do some format conversion between the two. How many bits per second will the camera be generating?

The camera will be generating (176 x 144 x 2 bytes for pixel =) 50.688 k bytes. if i have to make a format conversion (encoding and decoding), what are the available converter modules..?

At 50K, you will not be able to hold a single frame in any of the AVR based Arduinos (Uno, Leonardo, Mega, etc.). You will be able to hold just 1 frame in the Arm based Teensy 3.1, Due, and DigiX. So if you need a converter, that is just impossible. In addition, if you need to read 50K at 30 times a second, you will run into speed issues, since the processors aren’t that fast.

Generally to handle video, you need to move up to the SBC (single board computers) that run at higher clock rates, have much more memory. Depending on what you are doing, hardware floating point may also be needed. So look at Rasberry Pi, Beagle Bone Black, pcDunio, etc.

Consider i am using Raspberry Pi (haven't decided which processor to use yet) with 512 MB RAM. My camera output is 176 x 144 x 2 (bytes for pixel) x 25 (frames per second) = ~1.3 MB data.

There are 2 ques

  1. If i use a wireless communication between camera and TFT LCD display and if video encoding and decoding is necessary, which additional modules/processor can be used to encode and decode..? Or is it possible with the same processor (Raspberry Pi as mentioned above)..?
  2. If i make the connection as wired one between camera and TFT LCD display, is still the video coding necessary..?

Consider i am using Raspberry Pi (haven't decided which processor to use yet)

I'm not sure you get a choice, but I also still fail to see what this has to do with Arduino

IMHO these OV7670 modules are a very hard to interface to regardless of what processor you use.
e.g. they need an external high frequency clock of at least 10Mhz (though in practice 8MHz is supposed to work)

Just generating that signal is problematic on most systems

If you want to send a video signal, just buy a matched pair of camera +Transmitter, receiver + display

Just go to any of the radio control eCommerce sites and look for FPV (First person view) and there are loads of them

The camera will be generating (176 x 144 x 2 bytes for pixel =) 50.688 k bytes

What does that mean in bits per second?