Video Experimenter design

Hi all,

I am pretty new with Arduino. I am trying to build my own Video Experimenter shield (

I already purchased all the components. Now I'm asking some guy to create the printed circuit, and he realized that something is missed in the design, could it be? ( For example, the R4, and Reset has just one connected pin, the same for video in and out.

Is there something missing?

PD: already posted on nootropicdesign forum, but my post was not approved yet.

Best regards, Matías.

Unless someone in the forum has personal experience with this board, it will be best to wait until the designers site gets you an answer.

Good luck.

If you open the BRD file in eagle and select TOOLS–>RATSNEST, you will get the ground plane layer and V+ layer to show up… and that is what is missing from your images.