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I have been scouring the web for any type of answer but I can not find one. I am a huge fan of Borderlands 3 on PC. I want to put together a code or if there is one already for it to display in game character data,(inventory, bullets left in magazine, points of interest, ANYTHING) and display it on a second screen so I dont have to stop in the middle of what I am doing just to look for a second. A live map would be great but I am more interested in stats of my character but really anything would be nice. please any info on how to get this started or finished would be greatly appreciated. I am already well aware of the gibbed versions of BL3 along with all the data dumps. I am just not sure how to get any of that to display on a screen. Thanks in advance

Not sure what this may have in common with Arduino ?


Or with Installation and Troubleshooting ;)

I'll move it to a different section if needed but I want to use an Arduino as the basis behind the functionality of what I'm trying to achieve. If I can get live in game data to transfer from my PC to a screen installed on an Arduino, wireless or otherwise, I will be happy

You last post had the some of the info we were expecting.. Streaming to an Arduino regardless of model will be pushing the limits.

Moving topic for you.


Writing a PC application that can read that live data might be a challenge.

So what does the gibbed (whatever that means) version [u]exactly[/u] do?

For the above part, you might be better of on a PC forum. Which OS are we talking about?

What kind of second screen are you thinking about? 20x4 LCD, small TFT as used in the Arduino world, or a massive 24plus inch second monitor?

Gibbed is the version of the game that allows mods. But as was stated I have access to the data dumps from the game so I have every bit of information I could want but I don't know how to access them because they are .Pak files. As for the screen I want something small like the TFT. I have a small oled display but this is all running on Windows Os. Thanks for moving the post btw sorry bout that, like a broken record, I'm new to this

Has anyone had any luck trying to figure it out?

Frankly, it is reasonably improbable that anyone here - while there certainly may be some gamers around - shares your particular tastes.

What you would need to do is to explain - in painful detail - how these data dumps are obtained and how frequently, where they will be present in your system and how one would determine what this particular permutation of a ".pak" file would be.

There is much research to be done, only when you have done sufficient of that research given that it is "your baby" can we consider the "bones" of the problem. :grinning:

I only dabble in this and don't have an extensive knowledge in how to obtain exactly what's needed to do this. That's why I joined this forum to see if anyone had done anything like this before or could point me in the right direction, as of now I have none. If I could've got a simple answer instead of "Well you didn't give us a detailed hypothesis of how this should work and why?" I would've just said **** it

OK, well there you have it. :grinning: