Video Loop Project

I am working on a project that requires a small LCD to loop a short video clip (no sound, about 15 seconds). I've not done anything like this before and wanted to know how hard this would be to accomplish, and what equipment I'd need. I know the LCD screen I need will be about 2" diagonal, but I assume I'll need some sort of circuitboard, and some coding.

My goal would be to power the LCD screen with a microUSB cable that connects to one of those power packs meant for recharging smartphones on the go.

Can anyone here give me an idea what I'd need, and how difficult of a project I am looking at. I have some coding knowledge, but I've not done coding in about a decade (Cobol, Javascript, and HTML), and have never used raspberry pi, etc.

Any help/insight would be appreciated.

Time to learn Linux and Rasberry Pi. This is very difficult to impossible with only an Arduino.

Can anyone here give me an idea what I'd need, and how difficult of a project I am looking at.

You would need an SD card to store the frames. You would also need a fast interface into your LCD so I2C is out and you probably need to go to an SPI interface.

The big downer is the update rate you can get from these displays is not great. I suspect it will stop the sequence of images looking like a movie.

It is not a project I have seen done but it should be doable given the right hardware. It is not a beginners project so I would do some playing about with other projects first.

The closest I have seen to this is here:- A real Myst book - YouTube but that uses a miniature PC using windows.

This Kickstarter is over but you might pick one up somewhere:- Myst 25th Anniversary Collection by Cyan Worlds, Inc. — Kickstarter

Search for "animated eyes". All use an ARM processor such as Teensy 3, M0, M4, or Raspberry Pi.

One example using an M0 follows.

An ESP32 should be able to handle this as well, and has sufficient on-board storage for simple video clips. It's in processing power in the same league as the Teensy.

Depending on the resolution and frame rate required maybe even an ESP8266 (with 4MB flash, of which 3MB can be used for file storage - there are nowadays also versions with 16 MB built-in Flash, up to 15 MB of which can be used for file storage).

This is yet another inappropriate “Arduino” question.

The video player is available as a module; it is pointless to attempt to reproduce it with individual parts.

From where do you obtain it? I don’t know, but have two of the things sitting on the desk in front of me - they are promotional/ instructional aids for pharmaceuticals. Somewhere or other you will be able to get them (unless you can talk your doctor out of one.)

Hmm, battery is flat - charging it up again. Note it has audio as well.

There is an example with an Oled , video and sound :