video processing (i.e. open cv)

For anyone who knows:

Do processes such as live video processing (e.g. hd webcam, to be specific) stress a pc’s CPU, GPU, or both?

Thanks in advance, hopefully someone knows

I think the follow links can solve your problem.

Lets start setting up the software you need. We will need to install the following applications:

  • dvgrab
  • ffmpeg2theora
  • oggfwd
  • cortado.jar

I don’t see how that’s relevant beyond the involvement of a video feed. The page says nothing about hardware-side workings.

Typically it is going to be CPU intensive. I think OpenCV is all CPU based (thanks to Intel).

Cool, thanks

By stress you you mean use lots of processing time or do you mean stress as in ware out or increase the power dissipation?

hey mike. I was referring to processing time more than wearing out. The specific case is I’m putting together a rig that’s going to be running opencv on a live video feed (HD quality). I planned for a nice dual core but to save money I was hoping to just use the onboard video for monitor output, unless of course if a good video card is necessary for opencv processes.

You might want to double check that integrated video (GPU) can handle the HD output. I think most should by now, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to find some that didn’t.
Also, you might ask this question on the OpenCV email list, or at the forum as you can probably get a lot more info from there.

Also, you might ask this question on the OpenCV email list, or at the forum as you can probably get a lot more info from there.

Good point, I’ll do that right now.

But while I’m here, I’ll say that that by HD I meant high-res webcam, something I’m sure most pc’s today will handle. The question is how well?

can handle the HD output

Did you mean input?

Did you mean input?

No, but I was thinking more web cam. You mention live feed. Where is the video source coming from?

What I meant is that a really crappy video processor may struggle to output full HD video at a good framerate. Probably less of an issue for a new rig.

I guess I should have clarified by live-feed

I meant that the processing should be done immediately from a webcam feed’s input, rather than from a saved file or something, there won’t be any output at all, aside from maybe some debug output on rare occasions.

If you’re using Ubuntu, I have found that it can support the Logitech Orbit AF camera quite well, once you have the proper drivers installed and compiled. It is a fairly high-res web camera, and I was getting fairly good frame rates (I have never had good luck with Linux and web cameras; the Orbit AF seems like a fluke).

Another option that I have found to work well is to use a high-resolution IP camera as the video source. They tend to offer simple streaming feeds via a standard HTTP interface, usually MJPEG, sometimes something without artifacting.

Depending on your needs and ultimate end-use, though, you might consider such a system using a web-cam (whatever your application) to be a “beta testing” system; for serious work once you get things going on the beta-platform, look in firewire cameras (although maybe the next version of USB will be better?).