Video theft on the neinernet

So friday evening I had a brain fart / storm and thought that I could make a decatron style tube out of garbage and led’s

it came out kinda nice and I posted a ton of pic’s and a short video on my website, I also submitted it to hack-a-day, they liked it but wanted to post the video on youtube so they could embed it, which is fine with me

seconds later swoops in and claims that it contains copyrighted material from their site

I have since called them for 1 hour in a row getting the same “we cant get your call right now” message and have sent at least a dozen emails from their contact us form with no response

What they are doing is theft, plain and simple, and I encourage anyone that has or uses sites that link with their system to think very hard before submitting any of their original content

And the worst part is they wont even man up and pick up a telephone

Thats pretty f***ed up man! That sucks when you make something, and other people just take it… >:(

You can file a DMCA counter-notice with YouTube.

cant cause I was not the one who posted it on youtube, I will request that it be done though

Yeah I noticed that little comment discussion on Hackaday.

It sucks, plain and simple. I feel for you :(.

It does not surprise me

Jason Calacanis is one of the most epic douchebags in the history of the internet.

This is bad. Is the mahalo site a psam? Hopefully they won’t simply sell your email address that you left on their “contact us” messages.

Turns out hack A day is well let me quote it

@all re:mahalo,
Mahalo is our parent company sortof. It is all just a mix up that should be remedied by the time I post this

OK well

  1. the video was taken off of my site and uploaded to youtube via Hack A Day staff without consent, I eventually DID give consent, but not until nearly 2 hours after the fact

  2. mahalo automatically assumed copyright of my material, this is massively bothersome, most of my other work has been covered via a publicly displayed creative commons license on, but for all I know they now own this cause they say they do and I posted no license

not that its a major discovery or anything but I dont know if I want to participate on a site where everything submitted to them is automatically assumed their property, and if I have a problem with that I better have marked it with a “not my system” timestamps and a clearly visible license and prepare for battle (and kevin dont play)

  1. mahalo is so #(!@KING retarded they claimed a copyright violation on their own child site ::slight_smile: who wants to deal with that crap, I just want to share my junk with the poor unsuspecting world

  2. I have been on war dial with mahalo since 2pm my time, till nearly 6 my time (I am 3 hours ahead of them) I have also sent countless mails through that contact box (and dont worry osgeld AT cheesefactory DOT us is fairly well guarded and not my main email anyway, its just for “osgeld” related stuff like hobbies and games)

anyway not once have I received any word back, nor have I received any information from hack a day besides a couple paragraphs on the blog post, What? im sorry is sitting on your ass feeding 1 paragraph post’s into a wordpress site too demanding that not 1 but 2 companies could not respond in a single business day? nor pick up the telephone once? even google picked up and they were technically closed today

I have demanded a apology (thanks dudes you just said to the world this guy is a ip theif), and also for any of my content to be removed, we both know i am “steaming at the ears” POed right now so lets see how they respond, then I will grill them on the above points and demand their statements be clearly outlined as policy, cause right now I dont know what pirate and conman combination I am talking to