Vidor Lipo charger

I am looking to use a single cell lipo for powering the Vidor, but I was wondering how the charging circuit is managed? I looked at the schematic and it looks like the charging is being controlled by one of the NX18P3001 chips, but I'm not sure. Regardless, is there a way to monitor the voltage of the battery during charging/use from the SAMD? I would like to have some way of making a low-voltage alert as well as a way to check for over-charging to ensure the safe operation of the lipo. Also, does anyone know what the default charging voltage cutoff is at? 3.7v?

Thanks, Darius


The battery charging is managed by this:

U12 bq24195 I2C Controlled 2.5-A /4.5-A Single Cell USB/Adapter Charger with 5.1 V at 1 A /5.1 V at 2.1 A Synchronous Boost Operation

Datasheet is here:

HTH, John W.

Default full charge voltage with lipo batteries is 4.2v

Thanks for the info!

NP Darius.

This week I've been looking at a project that has the BQ2060; I tried the i2master on the Vidor - but of course that can't work (at least not without a lot of work...)

So, it'd be nice to see some libs/examples for U12.

Regards, John W.