view all pin states from webpage

Hello, new here, and I have pretty limited programing knowledge.

I am trying to view all of the pin states in one webpage.

I am trying to use the Yun to remotely monitor another device. I have it all wired up to apply 5V to each pin when I need it to, and it works well with Bridge if I use the URL scheme to digitalRead each pin. Now I just need to see all of the pins at once.

I have no need to change the state of the pins, only monitor them. I have been searching the web, but I can not find anything.

Ideally I would like each pin to show a red LED that goes on and off with each pin, but baby steps...

Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.

Thanks for the reply. I tired this one, but the sketch is full of complier errors?

a bunch of these-

ACEbridge.ino:3:1: error: stray '' in program

And plenty of others. The standard Bridge sketch complies and uploads fine

Replace ‘, ’ with '.
and Replace “, ” with ".