View serial monitor with mobile internet communication

Hi, im a little new with arduino. Is there any way to access the serial monitor (read a write) with a mobile connection. I thought using a gsm module in the arduino and then, someway see the serial monitor in my computer. How can i do it ?

Thank you !

Your description of your requirement is very unclear.

What do you mean by "mobile connection"? Do you specifically mean a mobile phone? What about Bluetooth?

What distance will there be between your Arduino and your PC?

There are many other programs (puTTY is one) that can be used in place of the Serial Monitor and might be more appropriate for your project.


A little long distance, i cant get wifi in there, so the only way i have is (i think) using a gsm module with a sim card. I dont have the arduino connected to any PC, i just wanted to view its serial monitor. Is that possible with putty ?

Yes, you can send and receive serial data over the internet. You will need a suitable Arduino-compatible network interface with a serial connection. WiFly modules can do that.

goncaPKR: A little long distance,

WTF is that ? It's the sort of answer you get from a politician :) 100 centimeters or 100 metres? or something in between?

I dont have the arduino connected to any PC, i just wanted to view its serial monitor.

Well the serial monitor program runs on a PC so you will have to connect to the PC by some means.


WTF is that ?

Well, you know, like a little bit pregnant.

OP: If you don't have a PC, it makes no sense to talk about running a PC application, and viewing it on a mobile device.

Of course, the Serial Monitor app is just showing the data that arrives on some COM port. But, without a PC, there can be no COM ports.

There are other ways to get the data from the Arduino, but none as simple, or cheap, as opening the Serial Monitor app.