Vin doesn't work; but connection is solid. (Solved)

Hi guys,

I just wanted to make my Nano standalone with a DC jack.

Unfortunately, it won't power on but the solder connections are ok (video),

May someone help me please?

The power sources I tried are 9V & 12V. I tried both wall sockets but it doesn't work. They have 1A & 0.6A current & are "made" for the arduino.

Video @ Dropbox


/edit: It actually was the DC Jack. I don't know why my MM shows me that the circuit is closed but in fact it isn't connecting the two points... Now i swapped the jack & it works fine. (lookup last post)

Please post a close up image of the top, and bottom of the board, showing the connections. What voltage do you measure at those 2 points when the power is plugged in?

Thanks for reply missdrew!

Frontside @ Dropbox

Backside @ Dropbix

I use the conncetion testing on my Multimeter.
In this mode it only measure the resistance but it give a sound when a circuit is closed.
No power connected at this point.

Multimeter @ Dropbox

I used this mode to verify that the connections are solid.
It worked out well with all other connectins but the Vin won't power the Nano.

I checked all solder joints if they are solid & wihtout bridges.

With my test code everything works well over usb...

The capacitors are there because I got problems with the MIDI reading of the pots.
On the prototype they jitter sometimes so I put a capacitor on it and it works well so I ported it.

I carefully made the soldering so I don't burn out something because on other topics about Vin the guys mentioned it could happen that something burns out...
It isn't a original Nano but I think this should'nt be a problem.

When nothing helps, I'll power it from USB. But I bought DC jacks & a wall adapter so it would be nice when this is working correctly...


I actually found the problem.

It was the DC jack.
When I connect the leads to the adapter from my wall mount it works (photo).

Photo @ Dropbox

I will solder it to a new jack & try it again :slight_smile:

But thank you for your time missdrew :slight_smile:

/add: Now it works fine :smiley:

Vin is working!


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